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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Balloon rocket

Balloon rocket

The first time that we did the rocket balloon we were doing it with Solomon and Nicholas. We got all of are stuff that we needed and then we found the spot that we were going to use. We set up all of the equipment. After we got the string and put it Through the straw that we were using we got the chairs and put one on the ground where the grass was and the other up on the platform we tied the fishing wire to the chairs then we blew  up the balloon and then we let it go and then all of the air pushed to balloon to the other chair. The chairs were about 3 metres away from each other. All of us were Writing all of the data that we got from the rocket balloon experiment.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Inquiry project

At The start of the term my learning was multi-structural because I walked passed rubbish and picked it up,  I gave people help if they were hurt,  if I found something I put it in the lost property and if I made a mess I would clean it up.

Now my learning is extended abstract because if I use it I bring it back, if I find someone's property I give it to them, of I turn something on I turn it off when I'm done. If I make a mess I clean it up. It's really good because you look after everyone and yourself you look after the environment.

This term it show that I'm a responsible citizen because I pick up rubbish and clean up what I did and give back someone's hat or jumper. I give people advices what they could improve on their work. I also check on people if they’re hurt.

The canteen project helps people to be a responsible citizen because at the canteen we won't use glad wrap and stuff that's bad for the environment. So our project is good because it's stopping rubbish going into our school.

The challenges were hard because we had to do it again but it won't let us delete it so we had to keep doing it. Overall I think it's a great idea for the school because kids eat healthy food and kids become more of a responsible citizen and they would look after the lunch space.


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Hard out

On cold, foggy, winter Saturday mornings,  I love to play hockey. I know that I am going to get muddy, but I love it. I put my  uniform on  and warm up with a hot milo. I  need to introduce myself because I am new to the team. I run, dribble, pass, save, score and wherever the ball goes, I go. Even if I don't get the ball I still  love it .

Responsible citizen

Are you a responsible citizen? Being a role model is important. If a big kid who is not a role model and does something next to a little kid then the little kid would say it looks fun so I'm going to try this and they get trouble because of the non-role model. The little kids look up to the big kids.

Follow the rules and laws is  also important. Everybody could just walk up to someone and just start to bully them so don't do that because you will get  trouble with the coppers. And you don't won’t that to happen. And my mum just does that because she goes with the law and doesn't break it.

Care about other people. If this did not happen then people would Bully each other, so we are lucky to have so many people who care in the world. When my mum sees someone hurt or sad then she would look after them.

Trustworthy is also very important. So if someone said to their mum or brother can you hold this for a sec and then they would put it down or eat it  then they won't be trustworthy. But when I give a chocolate to my mum to hold then she would, and I trust her.

My mum follows the rules and laws, she's a role model to other people and to me. She also cares about other people when they're hurt or sad and makes them happy. She's trustworthy, I can trust her. She helps everyone and helps them with something they would like.

It's  good to be a responsible citizen because you look after the environment and people.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

I Am poem

I am a Lamborghini, speedy, and smart.

I am the Twin Towers, helping other people and myself.

I am a policeman, telling people to do the right thing in public.

I am an orange: juicy, fresh, and nice.


I am a Lamborghini, speedy, and smart.

I am the Twin Towers, helping other people and myself.

I am a policeman, telling people to do the right thing in public.

I am an orange: juicy, fresh, and nice.

I am a sausage that sizzles with excitement, and happiness.

Ko Sam ahau